This Fall

I love fall. It is just so beautiful. I love the geese honking while they fly over our house, I love the leaves, I love the smell in the air.

Anika said the other day, “Just think, at this time last year, we were still waiting for Everett to come!” And suddenly, all the memories of the painful heaviness of a large, ripe baby needing to be born hit me full force. I shuddered, and then ran out the door with my boy!

So, every fall is wonderful, but this one is extra good!! Look at the difference a year makes.:)







Everett in the leaves


2 thoughts on “This Fall

  1. Hi, Kendra!

    I enjoy your Fall pictures so very much! Amazing how much a baby changes even within a year!

    Thanks a lot!

    A. Nettie

    PS Your pink and white sketchers took me to pick up the mail again today!!!


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