Hello, Hello!

Well, after a summer of recovering from postpartum anxiety and a couple of rounds of mastitis, we were finally getting back to normal…and then school started.

I have met my match.

Homeschooling with three kids, one of whom is teething, is no small task. There are times when I think I might possibly be losing my mind, and then I need to remind myself why in the world I am doing this in the first place, and then we keep going.:)

Somewhere in among all of that, Everett turned nine months old. I wanted to take pictures of him, especially with his new little teeth poking through, but he’s been…how shall I put this delicately??….A total grouch. But with some beautiful bursts of his usual sunshiny sweetness. Poor little guy.

The only way he was happy was with his soother and a measuring cup:

EverettI tried and tried to capture those new little pearly whites, but he was having none of it. A few mornings later, this is the closest I got:

Everett and AnikaApparently teething is a private matter. Everett doesn’t share that kind of thing openly.

So he’ll keep figuring out the teething thing, and we’ll keep figuring out the fall schedule thing, and together, we will press on.

How has your September been going?

2 thoughts on “Hello, Hello!

  1. So special, Kendra, to hear about a nine months old little guy and what is happening now!!!

    Also wishing the girls a very special new school year and to the Mommy in charge, all the best!

    A. Nettie


  2. OH. Teething. Apparently, once all of Lexi’s teeth came through, it was a prayer item/praise request!! I don’t remember…. being too sleep deprived from her night-teething-grumpies to recall correctly, but a friend of mine informed me of it later :)….. Trusting you will all find your fall stride soon.

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