What I Learned This Week

Well, it’s been quite the week. My mom always says she knows how well I’m doing by how often I post on my blog. I haven’t had much to say….

During my week and a half of silence, I have learned the following:

Mastitis is terrible.

All those women who say mastitis is the worst thing ever are not exaggerating.

I am the heart of my home.

Even though this sounds cheesy, my counselor is right when she tells me to take care of myself because I am the heart of my home and my family needs me to hold things together. If I spend the week in bed, everyone goes a little crazy. Including the house. My word. The fruit flies are living their last day today.

My family is so awesome.

Ben has worked so hard this week, juggling work, parenting, housework, and taking care of me. He’s the best. And the girls have been a huge help with Everett. They’ve all worked so hard, but it becomes pretty obvious how this team needs all the players functioning.

Essential oils have my heart.

People talk about them all the time because they are really that awesome. Oils got rid of pain within minutes. What in the world. I love them.

Raw garlic can apparently kill almost any infection.

You just have to eat enough of it. A head of garlic a day, people

Keep trying until you find something that works.

After hours of researching, I came across some information saying that ultrasound therapy and acupuncture are really effective for treating mastitis. I’ve seen an acupuncture doctor a number of times over the years, and it turns out that my physiotherapy clinic does the  ultrasound therapy, but I had never heard these things worked for treating mastitis, but they did! You never know what can help, so it’s been a week of experimentation….

My doctor is great.

He is so good about telling me how far I can go with the natural stuff, and when it’s just time to get the antibiotics. We filled the prescription, just in case, but at this point, I seem to pulling through okay without it. We have prayed like crazy, and I’ve tried every single home remedy I could find online. I was pretty desperate. Three rounds of antibiotics are what messed up my body really bad about seven years ago, and I’m still having to be really careful about throwing off my digestive system like that, so I was anxious to find a different way of dealing with infection.

My life is fantastic.

When I have to miss out and stay in bed for days on end, it makes me incredibly anxious to get back to normal living. I have never been so eager to do the laundry or clean up my kitchen. Oh, please let me back at it!!

EverettWhat have you learned in the last week?


One thought on “What I Learned This Week

  1. Mastitis IS terrible. I’m so sorry. I guess maybe we need to be taken out once in a while so we remember how we love our lives and enjoy what we do. I’m glad you’re doing better.

    Looks like your little guy is growing up…standing there making a mess. Fun stuff.

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