Weekend Favorites

Yesterday was my favorite kind of day – relaxing and slow, with nowhere to go and nothing to do except spend time with my most favorite people.


Kendra & Everett

Anika & Everett

We got out the kiddie pool, made smoothies, and had a water fight.KayliawaterEverettI love the kind of Sunday that makes you feel ready to plunge into another week, all filled up with rest and fun. What’s your idea of the perfect weekend?

One thought on “Weekend Favorites

  1. Hi, Kendra!Just loved your precious family pictures! Thanks so much!Elma and I motored out to Killarney to spend lunch, the afternoon, and supper with Peter and Lena.We had some showers on our trip home. I was back in Gretna at 8:30. Safe travelling all the way!Love,A. Nettie

    Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 18:07:08 +0000 To: nettieb34@hotmail.com

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