Quoting Kaylia

Well, this has been an interesting week. Anika has been at camp, which is an adventure for her, but we’ve got our own adventures going on here at home, trying to survive without her. This is especially difficult for Kaylia. What’s a girl to do when she’s used to having the best playmate/story-teller/event coordinator/leader/bunk bed buddy around, 24 hours a day, and suddenly, she has to figure out how to spend every day mostly by herself?

Everett & KayliaSo she’s been a bit bored, because Everett spends too much time napping, but she’s definitely taking advantage of being the only child who can talk in our house at the moment. Most sentences begin with, “Mama, guess what?” But really, there’s no guessing what is actually going to come out of her mouth next. I’m usually pretty surprised….

“Did you know that I didn’t breathe for my whole life, until one day I was, like, ‘WHAT IS GOING ON??!!’ Then I took my first breath. That was when I was three.”

“When Anika told me those characters were brothers, I was like, ‘AHHHH!!!!!’ But just quietly, inside my head.”

“I need someone to make sure that nothing falls out of my Lego house while I’m carrying it. Could you be that person?”

“One of the voices I hear in my head is God. Actually, He’s at the top of my head, because He lives up in Heaven. He sits on my head. I can feel how heavy His butt is!” (Ben says he will never feel the same about the presence of God again….)


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