Summer, So Far

On my to-do list today: do a quick blog post before we zip off to the cabin to celebrate my birthday, and drop Anika off at camp. I’m super behind with getting photos off my camera and editing them, so here’s a bunch of things we’re up to so far this summer:

EverettThis little guy is into everything he can reach. I can’t even imagine how much life will change once he starts crawling!!

kidsOh, so much love, all in one picture! I have absolutely no idea what I did with all my time before I had three kids…. Pure craziness/wonderfulness.

outsideMy favorite time to go outside is in the evening after supper. The sun scorches our backyard all day, but in the evening, it’s just beautiful. The girls swing, we admire our growing vegetables, water our plants, and laugh at Everett’s reaction to the feeling of grass on his feet.:)


massageWe keep our rolling pin in the living room now. My massage therapist told us about this trick, and our calves will never be the same! It is fantastic on the neck muscles, too. Favorite moment of today: the girls came home from playing “spa” with the neighbor kids, and Anika announced that she’d requested a rolling pin, and given everybody a massage!

And now it’s time for me to go pack! Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Summer, So Far

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kendra! And happy mothering as you train your sweet little ones. I love all your pictures you send! AUNT LENA.

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