Long Weekend Favorites

Now it officially feels like spring – we’ve gone to the cabin for the first time.

springMy parents spend the winter in Florida, so spring makes me happy, because they come home, and we get back to the family stuff I love, like going to the cabin.

Much has changed since we were last there! This was our first time bringing Everett. I think he liked it…except for sleeping in his playpen. Poor baby, I never thought to air out the playpen, and it’s been packed away since Kaylia last used it five years ago, so it stank like crazy. It smelled so bad, it made Everett stink all weekend, too! Fortunately, he’s so sweet, it doesn’t really matter what he smells like.;)

Anika and EverettThe weather was mostly cool and rainy, and I had a cold, so there was a lot of relaxing inside.

storiestreeIt was good to go, and it was good to come home, and give my sweet boy a bath!

One thought on “Long Weekend Favorites

  1. Airing out the playpen…who thinks of that? Judah had to use the playpen this weekend, too. And, last summer was a very damp, dank summer in our basement. Now I remember how that smelled. 😦 Horray for home and fresh-smelling beds.

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