Remembering to Grab My Camera

When my friend said the other day, “You must have so many pictures of Everett!”, I had to admit…“Not as many as you might think.”

These days whip by so fast, I don’t think to grab my camera nearly often enough, so yesterday, I stopped what I was doing, right in the middle of a batch of muffins, and went to get my camera – just because that’s when I happened to think of it.

Anika and EverettAnika loves to snuggle on the couch and read with Everett. She gave him her bookmark to wave around, but he kept whacking her in the face!:)

KayliaKaylia could color all day long. She says it’s because she is a great artist.

Everett's roomWhen reading got boring, Anika got out Everett’s mobile. I love how happy those bears make him!

kitchenAnd then I went back to my muffins in the kitchen! Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana muffins. If only my photos were scented, because my house smelled amazing!

What’s happening at your house right now?:)


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