I used to hit my sister when she called me “Kenny Bellybutton Dueck”. As a result, I couldn’t stand having the middle name “Belle”, until “Beauty and the Beast” came out when I was in high school. Even then, it took a few years for me to actually grow to like it. (Don’t worry, Mom and Dad – I’m good with it now!)

So that nickname didn’t go over well, but my sisters and my Dad sometimes call me “Ken”, and there are a few people who can call me “Kenny” without getting hit.;) I’ve grown to realize the importance of nicknames.

I think they’re so cozy and familiar and symbolic of close relationships. We have nicknames for all of our kids. I never realized how much of a nickname person I was until we started having babies.

Anika was Cutie from the day she was born. We called her that so much, we were sure she’d go to school on her first day and introduce herself as “Cutie Dueck” because she wouldn’t know what her real name was!

Anika and EverettKaylia became “Poochie” one day when I was reading a book called “Poochie Flower Power” to Anika. I don’t know how it happened, it just did. Sometimes she’s “Poochie-Lou”. Ben never got on that bandwagon – he’s still going strong with “Munchkin”.


And Everett is “Buddy” – somewhat disappointing, because it’s the most unoriginal nickname ever, but we can’t help it! It just is what it is. I can’t stop myself. Anika asked me the other day why I never call Everett by his name!


I’m curious to see how long this all lasts. Anika is getting close to my height, and looking more grown-up all the time, so I’m not sure how long “Cutie” will be appropriate! But it’s a little part of who we are as a family, and I just love life with my Cutie, Poochie, and Buddy! (Oh my word, that just is a bit much, hey?!)

Any special nicknames in your home?


One thought on “Nicknames

  1. Maya calls Judah “JuJu”. I think it’s cute but the other day a friend of mine said, in a very serious and warning voice, “You better nip that in the bud.” Even now, I really have no idea what she meant. Maybe you could, in you vast wisdom, figure that one out for me.

    It’s funny…usually nicknames are short but most of ours are longer, like “Noah Pa-Poah” and “Judah Finn Finn Finn” (Why three times? Just try it…rolls off the tongue, or lips or whatever). I like “Poochie-Lou”. 🙂

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