The Bible Story That Didn’t Happen

It always amazes me how Bible stories come alive all over again when I’m reading them to the girls from their children’s Bible. The wording will be a bit simplified, or they’ll ask me questions that I need to answer in a way they can understand, and the process of figuring this out makes me focus on details which have slipped through the cracks over the years.

Last week, the story that stuck with me was the one about Jacob and Esau. I’d forgotten this part:

A short time before they were born, God told Rebecca, “You are having two sons, who will lead two peoples. One boy will be stronger than the other and the older one will serve the younger one.”(100 Bible Stories, Miles Kelly)

Jacob and Esau

I’d forgotten that God told Rebecca this before any of it happened. And you know what He didn’t tell her?

“The older one will serve the younger one, which will be a bit tricky to bring about, but I’m pretty sure that you can manage – just scheme and lie to your husband enough that you can trick him into giving the birthright to the wrong son.”

What would have happened if Rebecca would have taken God’s words, and just kept them in her heart? How would the story have been different if she would have left everything up to God, and waited to see how He would bring about this strange prophecy?

And how often am I like Rebecca, trying to “help” God out, and trying to bring things to pass using my own force and imagination, my own ideas of how to get things done?

I slip into thinking that if I don’t do something, I’ll miss out. But this week I’ve been thinking about how there would have been another story for Rebecca and her sons. If Rebecca had simply waited, would there have been a different way to make the older son serve the younger one, without using lies or tricks? Could there have been a pure and godly way to get things done? I’m guessing this story could have turned out completely different if Rebecca would have had a trusting, patient heart….

And as I live my life, how can I learn to wait more on God’s plans and promises? How can I stop planning and scheming, and choose to rest in Him? I want my story to be one of letting go, and trusting Him to work out the details.



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