Thinking, Reading, Snuggling

I keep telling myself that one of these days, I’ll start writing again – even if it’s just for my own good, I’m starting to feel the need for something deeper around here. As much as I love taking pictures of my sweet children, I’m missing writing.

I read this blog post about how we go through seasons of producing and consuming, and the idea made sense to me – during the months before Everett was born and the time since have definitely been more about consuming, because I’m not feeling motivated to produce much creatively. Or maybe I’ve been so busy producing a baby, I don’t have space for producing much else!;) But I can feel the desire growing in me, and feeling the pull towards producing in other ways again. Sometime soon.:)

In the meantime, we are enjoying:

Beautiful spring weather!



KayliaBuckwheat cereal for breakfast – soooo delicious with applesauce and chopped nuts mixed in, and super simple to make.

buckwheat cereal

Listening to audio books on the iPad – loving The Secret Garden and Anne of Green Gables from Focus on the Family.

KayliaPurging as a family – Ben has been helping me in the basement, and I’ve started asking the girls to get rid of 5 items each Saturday. Their choices surprised me! It’s kind of fun to see what they come up with. I had to laugh when I found this lovely couple at the top of my donation box:

purgingThey are romantically wrapped in tape – together forever!

Reading library books!! For the first time ever, our family has a library card. Now that Ben is working in Steinbach and can return library books regularly, we decided a library card would help with downsizing – there are only so and so many books we can cram into our bursting bookshelves, and as I try to simplify and get rid of stuff, this option makes sense.

Anika and EverettAnika read 20 books in the first week, which reaffirmed this decision! But she told me she wants to wait a few weeks before going back for more books, because she misses her own books, and wants to reread a bunch of them first.:)


Watching “The Flash” – discovered this new show in fall, so Ben and I have been enjoying it each week. Makes sense, since it’s produced by Greg Berlanti, who also produced “Everwood”, which we loved. It’s a superhero story, but without the dark feel to it.


Snuggling – “He’s my everlasting love.”

Kaylia and EverettThinking thoughts inspired by Dr. Caroline Leaf – and enjoying this book all over again. Having a baby makes me anxious, and it was definitely time to get back on track with my thoughts, and how much time I’ve been allowing myself to worry about stuff. Highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to think more positively! (Somehow, Ben was just born doing that, but I need all the help I can get!)

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What have you been enjoying?

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