Happy Birthday, Dear Ben

Ben had a birthday this last weekend, and although this post is a little bit late, I felt I couldn’t let the event go by without my annual “I love Ben” post for his birthday.

I’ve been thinking (as usual!) about how blessed I am to be married to Ben.

BenOne of my friends read this post about Ben offering his help in his sleep, and said, “He’s the kind of husband everyone dreams of having.”

After seeing how Ben supported me throughout my pregnancy this last year, my massage therapist said Ben deserved the “Husband of the Year” award.

He’s just the kind of person who is so cheerful, easy-going, helpful, kind, encouraging and wise, that people tend to love him upon meeting him. Our chiropractor says Ben has this amazing, “light” energy about him. People don’t normally comment on the energy radiating from Ben, but I think they just sense this wonderful, positive Ben-ness about him, and are drawn to him.

He changes the atmosphere when he comes into the room. I love watching this happen, especially here in our home. I love our kids like crazy, and do my best to be a good mom, but they desperately need their dad’s playfulness! When he gets home from work, everything suddenly gets a lot more fun! He fills in all the gaps, and balances me out.

I often feel as though people who know me, but don’t know Ben can’t really know me, because he’s such an important part of my life. Really, I should wake up every morning and say to him, “You complete me!” Except I don’t think he’s ever watched that movie, so he wouldn’t really understand the great significance or complete cheesiness of that….

Anyway. I think he’s amazing, I love him tons, and I’m so excited to see what’s in store for him this next year! He’s starting a new job in March, and I think he’ll be quite fantastic at it. He’s going to be working for Steinbach Bible College as the Director of Advancement, and I’m looking forward to seeing how God’s going to work through him, and teach him new things as he starts this adventure.

Here’s to a fantastic year in the life of Ben!

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