New Normal

Our sweet boy is two months old this week.

EverettHe giggles in his sleep, but he will not giggle at Ben, which is driving Ben crazy!!

I’ve been finding it hard to pull out my camera often enough – the days just kind of run away on me! Often, Ben will come home from work, and I’ll still be trying to figure what we’re doing that day…except the day is over. They seem to fly by awfully fast right now…

And this little boy is growing fast, so I want to be sure to capture the smiles and the chubbiness!

toesI’m trying to remind myself to grab my camera throughout the day like I used to, and not be too busy to notice all the little moments – like creating Lego masterpieces, “Picnic School” (meaning it’s done on the floor!) , and family games.:)

Kayliapicnic schoolgamesTwo months of beautiful chaos! I’m torn between thinking the time is going too fast, and being thankful that it is passing, because things are getting easier, and we’re starting to get into a new normal routine.

Anika and EverettWhat did we ever do without him?!

2 thoughts on “New Normal

  1. Love those pictures, we are so thrilled how the lord has blessed and given you the desires of your heart ! Let’s never forget it and build on it and let our faith grow! I like Ben’s part time arrangement for his new job , think it’s good to have a side job to supplement a ministry job since salary is kind of a part time pay! Give him my birthday wish! Love Dad

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