First Days With Everett

Oh, life with a new baby! I was not prepared for this….

Everett I was not prepared for how much I would love him! I knew I would love him, obviously, but he’s just wonderful!:) I always used to say I wasn’t really a newborn kind of person. I’ve always loved my babies, but I’m not obsessed with newborns, in general. I have a friend who once said of her newborn baby, “These first days are going so fast! I want this cuddly stage to slow down!”

And inside I thought, “Oh, please, those first weeks cannot go fast enough!! They are HARD!” I kinda felt like I hit my stride around three months.

But something has happened to me – near the end of his first day, I thought, “This is going to go so fast! He’s growing up too quickly! We’re almost done the first day already!!!” And I find myself wanting to soak in every minute of him being so little, and the way he smells, and how he curls up against me.

Maybe it’s because I know it’s the last time we’ll have a newborn. Maybe it’s because I’m a little bit older, and a tiny bit smarter, and I’m learning to separate the good from the hard, and not lump all of it together, labeling it “hard”.

EverettEverettI was not prepared for the intensity of his sisters’ love!! Oh my word, they are frantic and eager about holding him! The begging and the fighting! He is most loved!

Anika and EverettKaylia and EverettAll threeI was not prepared for how amazing everyone would be. So many kind words and excitement for us, such cute gifts, and so much amazing food!! Our family is a pain to feed, with all the food allergies we’ve got going on around here, but people have been incredible. I feel spoiled rotten!;)

Kaylia and EverettAnika and EverettSo thanks to everyone for your support and excitement! We feel so blessed, in many different ways!

4 thoughts on “First Days With Everett

  1. Hi, Kendra!I can’t even describe how much I have enjoyed the pictures of your little son and his sisters. So very precious. I keep on going back to them again and again!Thanks so much!A. Nettie

    Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2014 17:45:30 +0000 To:

  2. He is WONDERFULLY adorable…and obviously, his sisters think so, too. I’m so glad you’re older and wiser…he’ll be so well enjoyed, won’t he? Some clarity comes with experience, apparently. And, it really does go fast. I had a baby yesterday and he’s 5 months old this weekend. How does this work?????!!!!!!! Enjoy.

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