Waiting For Those Cheeks…

So this happened today.

calendarThe other day, Kaylia threw her little arms around my big belly, and exclaimed, “I miss you, Baby!”

Then she gave it a hearty smack, and asked, “Did I kiss his cheek?”

When I told her I was pretty sure she had just kissed his bum, she said, “At least I kissed one of his bum cheeks!”

We all keep dreaming of the day when we will actually be kissing his real cheeks!!


6 thoughts on “Waiting For Those Cheeks…

    • It’s been hard! Being in limbo day after day is tough, but today, it hit me that THIS is what we’ve prayed for – that our baby would not be premature, and that God send him along at the perfect time. So maybe instead of seeing it as living in limbo, I can see it as living in my answered prayer!;)

  1. Hi, Kendra!I’m waiting with you. I’ve sure had a good chuckle out of this one!I’m also waiting for Tuesday when my right arm will be released from its jail cast!Love and prayers,A. Nettie

    Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2014 01:02:05 +0000 To: nettieb34@hotmail.com

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