Wild Ride

KendraSo I’m thinking that my doctor is the Queen of False Hope. She got me so geared up for an early delivery, and here we sit, three weeks later. Glad I spent so much time worrying about that one, when it turns out, I’m permanently pregnant.

She also told me last Thursday that it would happen in the next 24 hours.

Nope. Oh, well.

Ben keeps saying, “You CAN’T be pregnant forever – this has to end soon!”

What he doesn’t understand is that I actually feel as though I WILL be pregnant forever. I cannot imagine my life any other way at this point!! I cannot imagine that we are on the verge of adding another little person to our family!

I was in Baby’s room last night when Ben came looking for me. I tossed him a pair of impossibly small sleepers, and asked, “Can you actually imagine that there will be a little baby wearing those sleepers soon?”

He proceeded to arrange the sleepers over his shoulder and pat the back of them, which was very sweet, but then he suddenly grabbed the feet, and started whirling and twirling them energetically through the air.

Baby is in for a wild ride…


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