Some Drama and Romance While We Wait…

Every time I sit down to write a blog post, I feel as though there is nothing new to say. We remain in limbo around here, just waiting for Baby to come!

I’m trying to fill my time with getting last things done, and soaking up the last of this season of life before everything changes!

So basically, what I have to say today is that my family is amazing.:)

The girls are my entertainment during the day – the latest excitement around here was the first snowfall, which meant it was finally time to set up the Christmas village.

Oh, the stories and adventures that unfold when the Christmas village comes out! Dickens Village is a town apparently abounding with drama and romance. The 19-year-old pastor is one of the few males living in the village, which is predominantly populated by Disney princesses and fairies. This automatically makes him the most eligible bachelor, and much sought after at the balls held at the church. The women of the village spend most of their time fighting over who will end up with the pastor, and eating at the Tea House or the Bed & Breakfast. They also seem to go on an awful lot of train trips, as this is the only mode of transportation available to them in the village….

Christmas Village

So I keep an ear open all day long for the latest Dickens Village gossip, and once my little entertainers go to bed, Ben keeps me going with his jokes, daily massages, and unfailing willingness to help out in any way he can.

Last night, I was climbing back into bed at 4 am to try another round of sleep, when I knocked something off my bedside table in the dark. It landed with a crash, causing Ben to bolt upright in bed, and demand as sleepily and urgently as possible, “WHAT’S GOING ON?? HOW CAN I HELP????!!!!”

(I love it that he doesn’t even need to be fully awake to start offering his help!)

See, if Baby knew what awesomeness he’s missing out on, he wouldn’t take so long to make an appearance!;)


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