A Day in Our Life

I had a fun little project going on around here yesterday – “A Day in the Life”. Basically, I took pictures of everything we did all day long – every normal, boring, ordinary little thing, because someday soon, these things won’t be normal or ordinary! And someday I’ll pull out my photo books to show them to my grandchildren, and tell them stories about their parents.;)

I’ve done “A Week in the Life” a few times in the past (here’s where you can check out 2010, 2012, and 2013), but by the end of the week, I’m sick of taking pictures. I thought a day would be much more manageable – quick, easy, and I still like my camera at the end of the day!! Plus, a lot of our days look the same right now, so I feel like after one day, I was able to get a good representation of things around here at the moment.

Having a new baby in the house will really change everything – it’s been awhile since we were in that stage! So here’s to life as we know it right now:

KayliaKaylia started calling for us around 8 am. Anika was sleepy and grumpy, because Kaylia woke her up during the night to help find her “missing” pillow, which wasn’t actually missing – Kaylia just got mixed up about where she was in her bed!

AnikaI did my morning stretches while Ben got the girls going on breakfast – toasted waffles and breakfast sausages, which is a big treat around here.


laundryOn Mondays, I always throw sheets and towels in the wash. I am a creature of habit!:)

schoolAfter I got the laundry started, I got Anika going on homeschool stuff.


dollhouseKaylia played with dolls in the living room for awhile, and with both of them occupied, I finished getting myself ready for the day.

getting readymeYup, true to life – I look tired! Too many trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night!

timingI timed Anika for a multiplication speed test, and sat at the table admiring my orchids from Ben while I waited for her to finish. I’ve never been able to grow orchids before, so this plant is a major accomplishment for me.

orchidsOnce Anika was done her math, I got Kaylia going on her school work, and we did school work until lunch.

KayliaBenBen was in Steinbach for the morning, and stopped in for a quick lunch before heading to Winnipeg. He ate and ran, but us girls sat down for some soup.

LunchAfter lunch, I emptied the dishwasher.

dishwasherThe girls had “rest time” while I had a quick nap.

rest timeThen it was time to head to the city for my physio appointment.
drivingphysio appointmentWe got back to town just in time to drop Anika off at a musical practice at the church, and then Kaylia and I came home and shared a smoothie.:)

smoothieI worked with pictures for a bit while she watched a video, and then I made supper – chicken and rice casserole with coleslaw.

supperAfter supper, we cleaned up the kitchen.

kitchenBen gave Kaylia a bath while Anika practiced violin, and then Anika had a shower.

violinThe girls had a night snack – a rice cake and peanut butter for Kaylia, and applesauce and nuts for Anika.


bedtimeI read to the girls in bed, and then they looked at books by themselves for a little while.

AnikaBen and I watched an episode of “Once Upon a Time” while he did his “massage homework” – all the massage techniques that my massage therapist has given Ben to do for me each day.:) With 40 minutes of massage a day, Ben will have done his part bringing this child into the world!!

Once Upon a TimeAfter we were done watching, I did my evening yoga routine…

yoga…while Ben did some work on the couch.

BenAfter that, I had a shower and climbed into bed. Took my magnesium, and used Lavender and Stress Away oils to help me sleep!

bedtimeAnd that was our day!

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