Weekend Favorites

A cold getting passed around our family kept us pretty relaxed this weekend, but by Sunday, I was bored!! Definitely ready to feel better and do something!




We played games, built forts, ate veggies, and got some fantastic videos of Ben using his French accent to auction off paintings to the girls while playing “Masterpiece”. I know he wouldn’t want me to post them, but really, if the internet wasn’t having issues today, I totally would! It could be payback for the time we went shopping at Superstore, and he carried a poinsettia around his head the entire time, just to embarrass me. That was the day I figured out being married to Ben would mean learning not getting embarrassed about stuff!! It was a critical turning point for me…

What did  you do with your weekend?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites

  1. Just thought of a game for your family. My first Carcassonne. Reviews are really positive and it says that 3 year old can play it. Maybe to simple for Anika but Kaylea . We are going toget it for the kids at Christmas.

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