New Family Pics!

So excited to get our latest batch of family pictures last week!! I love them, and I love our sweet friend Morgan, who took them for us, like usual!

We met her at the legislative building last weekend, and had a really fun time. It is so beautiful there! It was fun to take the girls there – we’ve taken them for a tour of the building in winter, but I didn’t realize we’d never taken them outside in summer. It’s where we took our wedding pictures, so it felt kind of nostalgic to take pictures in some of the same spots.:)

I’m saving my favorite family picture for our Christmas cards, but I’ll share the rest today.:) And yes, I realize it’s weird timing for family photos – we’re a member short, at the moment. But since he’s only supposed to make an appearance at the end of November, not leaving us much time to get family pictures ready for Christmas cards, we decided to go ahead without him, and we’ll do newborn photos later!





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