Needing Some Fall Love…

You may know by now that I love a good quote, and whenever I’m needing a little boost of inspiration, I put together a collection of my favorites.

Today, on a cloudy, dreary day, I’m needing some fall inspiration!! Hoping this helps you, too!;)






That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?!

What are your favorite things about fall?

3 thoughts on “Needing Some Fall Love…

  1. Personally I love pulling out all my warm sweaters that have been tuck away all summer. Nothing better then getting into some comfy tights, a nice long sweater and a cup of hot chocolate to end a busy day of parenting.
    Also love the huge splash of colour God spreads over our prairies.

  2. I LOVE Fall! It seems shockingly fast, though, this year. We were gone for the weekend and when we came back our trees were yellow. How does that happen so incredibly speedily?! It’s SO beautiful, though. All the way home, I looked from one side of the road to the next, drinking it all in. I didn’t want to miss a thing! I especially love the mixture of all the colors all in one spot, the green, brown, yellow, orange, and red all within view…AMAZING beauty! I also agree with NJM, sweaters are my favorite…I missed them!

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