Starting School

This was our first week of homeschool around here, and Kaylia’s first week of Kindergarten! I love homeschooling for many, many reasons, but as I read the weepy status updates on Facebook last week from moms who were braving the first day of school, my pregnancy hormones were extra grateful not to have to be sending her off for the day – not sure my unstable emotions would have been up to that test right now!

Nope, “first day of school” for Kaylia meant that she joined Anika and me at the table with her own little stack of workbooks, and it felt very natural and right for her to be there!:)

I wasn’t sure how it would go – she is of the opinion that everything needs to be her idea, or it isn’t worth doing. But so far, she’s been great about getting her work done – I let her choose the order of subjects – math, printing, science, or reading. She often decides to do extra pages. Not sure how long that will last, but I’ll take it while I can!;)

I quickly found that math games on the iPad are a wonderful incentive for when she’s running out of steam, and we have a little more to finish.

“Recess” has taken on a whole new meaning at our house, now that there are finally two students to get excited about having a break. Our first day included some Ladder Ball, and a back to school photo session!



KayliaAnika’s photo took two tries. Kaylia’s? Countless…


KayliaGoofball. It’s almost as though Ben was disguised as a five-year-old little girl in a pink T-shirt…

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