14 Years With Ben

Yesterday marked 14 years since Ben and I got married.

He said, “Fourteen years of love!” I must have given him a funny look, because he quickly added, “Maybe a bit longer!” So then we figured out that it’s about 15 years since he told me he loved me for the first time.:) He did start loving me a little while before we actually got married!;)

Our anniversary was pretty romantic – Ben had a board meeting at church all evening, so I spent the evening on the couch with Pinterest and a bowl of berries and coconut cream.

We’re going on a date tonight, instead.:)

I was trying to think of what kind of post to write for our anniversary – other years I’ve gotten all creative, and written things like 13 Things I Love About Ben, or 5 Things You May Not Know About Ben and Kendra.

So this year, I was trying to think up something creative for an anniversary post, and I thought, “I know! I’ll post a picture of us from each year we’ve been married!”

Only…I could hardly find any pictures. We’ve been married so long, we don’t have any digital photos of the first few years we were married, so I can’t share any of those.

And then we had kids, and we have a ton of pictures of our family, but we never took any of just the two of us! So sad!

In 2011, I decided to make sure that whenever we took family pictures, we’d also get a photo of just the two of us. So we have three photos from the last three years, and on Saturday, we’ll add a fourth…

Ben and Kendra

Ben and Kendra

Ben and Kendra My word of advice? If you’re newly married, keep taking pictures of the two of you, even once you have kids!! So glad we’ve started doing this.

Have a great Wednesday! I’m fairly confident that my day will be great, because I always love a date with Ben!:)

photo credits: Morgan Braun


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