Weekend Favorites: Photos in the Yellow Flowers

For the past month, I’ve often driven by a huge patch of yellow flowers, growing in a ditch just outside of town. It was one of my summer goals to take photos of our girls in those yellow flowers.

In my mind, it would be super fun and memorable – sun shining, the girls surrounded by waist-high flowers, laughing together as the wind tossed their hair, and me, leisurely snapping dreamy photos….

On Saturday evening, I shared my summer photo goal with Ben, he agreed to help make it happen, and we drove out of town in search of yellow flowers.

Except it didn’t happen at all the way I pictured it, which isn’t really surprising.

The flowers (and all the other crazy weeds in the ditch) were almost six feet tall! The ground was very sloped and uneven, and Ben seemed fairly stressed about me wiping out and falling into the river. The girls were fighting, and the beautiful yellow flowers were so high above their heads, I could barely get any in my shots!

But I got my pictures, completed one of my summer goals, got some smiles out of the girls, and nobody fell in the river, so we’ll call it a success!;)

flowersA & KAnika



A & K flowersAny summer goals you can quickly reach before fall stops you?!

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