A Little Pregnancy Update

I was at a wedding a few weeks ago, and needed some help getting connected with my special plate of gluten-free food. An extremely friendly man was sent to talk with me about dietary concerns, and as we were walking to get my food, he asked enthusiastically, “Are you pregnant?!!”

When I said yes, he clapped his hands together, exclaimed “YAY!”, and threw his arms around me.

I had never seen him before, and will probably never see him again, but he was as excited as he would have been if we had been friends for 10 years.

People are awesome. I keep getting the most lovely words of congratulations and encouragement, and everyone is eager to share in our joy and excitement.:)

Recently, I ran into a family friend who had not heard the story of our little miracle baby, and I was able to share with her what God’s been doing for our family. She listened with tears in her eyes, and when I finished, she grabbed me in a huge hug and said, “That’s the BEST story!!”

I am reminded again and again that God doesn’t just bless us – He blesses the people around us when we share about the incredible things He’s done.

6 monthsSince I haven’t shared much about this pregnancy recently, I thought it might be time for a little update. I get asked a lot about how I’m feeling, and how my body is holding up.

I’m feeling good, all things considered. God’s done a lot of amazing things in my body since last December, but I still experience pain and discomfort. As long as I keep up with my stretches and exercises, and visit my therapists regularly, we’re able to keep things moving!

Much to my surprise, I’ve actually been doing a lot better than when I was pregnant with Kaylia. My hips and pelvis went out of place about four months along, and I wasn’t able to walk properly for the rest of that pregnancy. It was very, very painful.

I’m extremely happy to still be getting around relatively easily, and am so thankful for the amazing therapists I’ve been able to get connected with, who are able to help me so much during this pregnancy. I’ve also been told that because I’ve kept up with exercising, I should be able to bounce back fairly quickly once Baby is born, which was excellent news, considering it took five years to recover the last time.

We are all quite excited, and the girls are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their new brother, but at the same time, we have a lot of projects to finish (including a baby room!) and work to do, so we will have enough to keep us busy until Baby decides to make his appearance.

I have been struggling with blogging as regularly, due to lack of energy and creativity at times, and so instead of my usual blogging schedule of Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, things seem to be a bit more sporadic around here. I still hope to stick to my usual schedule as much as possible, just because I enjoy the routine and challenge, but when Baby arrives, who knows what will happen!

So if you want to know when there’s something new to read, or you want to be sure to see the first photos I post of Sweet Baby, you can always “follow” this blog by clicking the button on the right side, which basically adds you to an email list, and you will be sent each blog post as soon as I post it.

Thanks so much for all of your kind words of encouragement and support! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!






One thought on “A Little Pregnancy Update

  1. Enjoy so much hearing from you, Kendra! It’s so special to hear you are doing quite well! The Sketchers you gave me have walked to the Post Office numerous times. I save them for walks on cement so they stay cleaner!!!!! Now in summer I usually walk in the country which I enjoy thoroughly – guess it’s the country girl in me!My garden is slowly getting emptier. I’ve dug my potatoes, pulled some cucumber plants, also the pea and bean plants were done! I have a wire cart that I use to haul plant stuff to the dump. It gives me extra chances for exercise and I love it!Have a great weekend and thanks again for having me on your e-mail list! Much appreciated!A. Nettie

    Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2014 13:24:41 +0000 To: nettieb34@hotmail.com

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