Weekend Favorites

One of these days I’m going to write something deep and profound about summer. Something about how I’m still learning to live in the here and now, and not get depressed about the fact that we don’t live at camp anymore. Or I’ll write about how God is teaching me a ton these days, about this season and this time with my family, and about letting go, and about longing for what He longs for. What a summer. And we’re just getting started.

For now, I’ll just share a few quick photos from this beautiful weekend…

buildingThere’s nothing like a velcro monkey to share your adventures with.:)

admiringAnika and Kaylia are the proud new owner of some frogs. They’ve never had pets before, so this is a fairly big deal for them. Walter and Frodo have no idea how good life is about to get for them.

workingBen’s still plugging away at the play structure! And Kaylia is his most faithful helper.

And now I must run off to the city – there are baby blankets to buy and doctors to visit and a mom to eat lunch with!:) Have a beautiful Monday!


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