A Winner, and Some Weekend Favorites!

Thanks so much for all the suggestions of new favorites to try, everyone! I loved reading all of the comments about what you’ve been enjoying lately!

The winner of the draw is Pam Koop! Based on all the interest that’s been expressed in the book, Switch on Your Brain, I decided to give that book away as a prize. Thanks to everyone who participated!

And while I’m here, I have a few photos from the weekend to share.

We were at my parents’ cabin for a cold, stormy weekend. The power was out for most of our time there, but it was a very relaxing time!:) We were just about to enjoy some fun on the water when the storm came in – fast!



stormstormSo we went inside to enjoy some books and naps instead.:)

napsWe watched the full moon come up, and played cards by candlelight.:)

mooncardsIt’s funny how fast no power can make me appreciate it when it comes back on! Feel very thankful when you take a hot shower today!:)

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