Weekend Favorites: Father’s Day

Well, the plan for today’s post was to share all the fun, bright, colourful pictures from our fun trip to Tinkertown…and then it rained all weekend!

So, there was no trip to Tinkertown, but there was lots of relaxing, and fun times with Daddy, and many rounds of “The Sleeping Game”, which involves much fake snoring by Ben, and Anika and Kaylia sneaking up on him, hitting him with pillows when he suddenly “wakes up”.

I love seeing him having fun with our girls! Daddys and daughters are the best. Everyone seems very concerned about our need for a baby boy, which would definitely be fun, but if we end up with a family of girls, I think Ben will do a most excellent job.:)

Ben & KayliaAnikaFor Father’s Day, we always make a treasure hunt for Ben’s gift. (This is far more exciting for the girls than for him!) This year, it ended under Kaylia’s bed.

treasure huntI hope you had a great weekend! Glad to see the sunshine is back on this beautiful Monday morning!:)


2 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites: Father’s Day

  1. So funny how familiar your markers-in-a-tin-can look to my eyes. That’s how we store ours, too! 🙂

    And, I think you’re right…Ben looks like he does a lovely job with all the women…it takes a special man to be able to handle that sort of life.

  2. I have to admit, I still wish you’d have a boy. My earthly wishes don’t compare, though, to God’s plans…so I’ll just wish for a healthy baby. (Well, God…how about a healthy baby…boy?!)

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