Around Here Right Now

Here’s what we’ve been enjoying at our house lately:

1) A sudden obsession with forts, hiding places, and “play houses”.

hiding2) This quote:

quote3) Reading Emily of New Moon, and falling in love with trees and poetry, just like Emily!

trees4) Actually meal-planning again!

Miracle of all miracles. My friend Natalie is the brilliant one who told me about using Google calendars for menu planning – I think it could finally be the thing that works for me after struggling to find the right method for years….

menuMy menu-planning Pinterest board is also very handy. I’m always keeping an eye open for recipes I want to try, and when it’s time to make a menu and a grocery list, all of my ideas are in one place. (More energy and less morning sickness during the second trimester is also making a HUGE difference!! So excited to get back to normal life!)

5) Watching soccer three nights a week.

It’s made this spring a little busier than what we’re used to, but I enjoy spending a sunny evening at the park, and I love it that our girls are running around outside doing something fun.:)

soccer6) Getting back into yoga!

I had to stop doing my beloved yoga for my first trimester, and my body definitely felt the difference! It’s taken a couple of weeks to work out the creaks and groans, but I’m feeling so much better!

After a particularly inspiring pre-bedtime yoga session, I climbed under the covers feeling deeply satisfied, and announced to Ben, “I’ve decided to do yoga until this becomes a graceful pregnancy!!” There was a reeeally long pause from Ben, during which I had a few moments to come back to reality, and then he said, “Yeah, as graceful as a ….” and just as he said “swan”, I said “cow!” There’s only so and so much yoga can do! But thank goodness for my sweet husband for at least pretending I have swan potential!!

Here’s hoping this weekend finds you graceful, energized, inspired, and adventurous!

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