Quoting Ben on Answers to Awkward Pregnancy Questions

When we were graduating from college, Ben didn’t really know what he wanted to do next. He dreaded the question, “What will you be doing next year?”

So he decided to make an awkward situation entertaining for himself, by trying to see what outrageous occupations he could come up with in his answers about future plans.

Lately, I’ve been needing his creativity, as people have been finding out about our third miracle baby being on the way. I keep finding myself in need of some good answers for some of the awkward questions and comments I’ve received. Somehow, I stumble through an answer, go home to tell Ben about it, and then enjoy the ideas he comes up with.

Here’s a few of his ideas:

Question: “So, was this a planned pregnancy?”

Ben: “WELL, there was this one night….” (Because he says awkward questions deserve awkward answers….For the real answer, see this post!)

Question: “What do you hope you’ll have?”

Ben: “We’re REALLY hoping for a unicorn!”

Comment: “I would LOVE to see how you would handle having a boy!!”

Ben: “Well, we don’t really know what we’re doing with girls, either, so there shouldn’t be much difference!”


If you have any awkward questions that need answers to, I’m sure Ben would love to help you out!;)

One thought on “Quoting Ben on Answers to Awkward Pregnancy Questions

  1. I always loved the “can I touch your belly” question – or “are they natural?” Probably more common with twins though…

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