Weekend Favorites

We spent our first weekend at the cabin this year! It was good to be back.:)

branchThe trees are just starting to bud, but there isn’t a whole lot of color anywhere yet! I went in search of some green…




wiener roastwiener roast

We celebrated Kaylia’s birthday. It’s a bit early, but it looks like this is becoming a tradition in my family – birthday party on the long weekend at the cabin.:)

KayliaKayliacupcakespresentsEveryone else left on Sunday evening, but we stayed until Monday – we love slow mornings when we have nowhere we need to be!

Ben and girlsWe packed up near lunch, and drove to Brereton to grab some fries and let the girls run around for a little while before heading home.

beachpussy willowsCan’t wait for all the buds to start opening! I hope you had a great weekend!

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