Getting Rid of Junk

Every once in a while, I come across a blog post that I really, really wish I had written, just because it’s brilliant, and perfectly worded, and I agree 100% with absolutely everything in it.

The Powerful Difference Between Organizing and Decluttering is one of those posts.

I read it this morning while I was eating my breakfast. I was sitting at our kitchen counter, which had an enormous pile of papers and junk that I needed to sort through, a job I’d been putting off for far too long.

As I sat there surrounded by my junk, I read this:

Living with less trumps organizing because organizing is temporary…..

Decluttering—or, just getting rid of stuff, is permanent. It leaves your four walls, and immediately you have more visual and physical space. Your shoulders feel lighter, you know where everything is, and you truly love everything left. And you love your home just a little bit more.

I looked at my pile for a while, and I thought, “I am tired of trying to find the right place to store all of that stuff. Could I just throw EVERYTHING away??”

I went through the pile, and it turned out there were only three papers that need to be filed (in existing files, so that was easy), and a notebook and two notepad that needed to be put back in a drawer.


The rest could get thrown out!!


Do you have any piles in your house that need to be thrown out instead of organized?

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