It Could Be Life-Giving

At the risk of losing whatever male audience I may have, I feel the strong need to share the following quote from the move Ever After:

Ever AfterThis quote has been on my mind recently, because I am struck with how similar I’ve felt in the past about obeying Jesus. That might seem like a stretch, but hear me out!:)

I used to think I needed to live my perfectly controlled little life, and never let the Holy Spirit loose, because everything would get completely crazy and overwhelming. If I started obeying whatever God asked me to do, I would have to do everything. I would feel tired, frazzled, and overwhelmed, and it would suck the life right out of me.

I hear that same concern from people fairly often – listening to God will lead to an exhausting list of things to accomplish.

And yet, in these past six months since I’ve started saying “yes” to God, I have experienced the most wonderful, life-giving freedom. I’ve done things I’d never dreamed of doing in the past. I’ve done things that I thought would exhaust me, and things that have taken me far out of my comfort zone. But instead of feeling drained and depleted, I feel more energy and life flowing through me than what I ever knew before.

We seem to think letting go will mean craziness and stress – controlling everything ourselves will bring rest and comfort.

But God is teaching me a new definition of “comfort”. Turns out, I had no idea what could truly bring me comfort, rest, and joy.

The day I started to let go, the day I started saying “yes” to God without holding back, was the day that He began pouring a new joy and freedom into my life.

When we find our true purpose, it gives us freedom.

And doesn’t that make sense? God’s words bring life and hope, not stress and discomfort.

My Father made me, He knows me, He holds me, and He loves me. Why wouldn’t I trust that He knows what’s best for me?

Do you ever feel afraid to “let God loose” in your life?

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