Giving Him My Heavy Load

I had a sad, sad day last week.

On Monday night, I felt as though God clearly “told” me (or laid it on my heart, or however you would describe those wonderful moments when He reveals Himself to us!) to surrender something in my life to Him.

I had this secret longing, tucked away for years, and He said, “Give that longing to Me.”

It wasn’t a bad longing, it was just something I wasn’t supposed to long for anymore, and it broke my heart to have to give it up.

It felt like giving up. And I didn’t want to.

All the next day, I had a heavy heart. My friend said to me, “You look sad today.” And I was.

That afternoon, I escaped for a moment to the bathroom, and cried out to God. I wanted to obey Him, but it was so very hard to surrender.

And suddenly, these words came to me:


Oh, how true it is! His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. I had no right to drag around my heavy heart. He wasn’t asking me to do something horrible – He was asking me to give up my desire so that He could give me a lighter load.

Surrender is still hard – it doesn’t come very naturally! But every day, I keep asking Him to make me long for the things He longs for. I try to get my perspective back in the right place. Some days, that goes better than others.

On the bad days, I have a quick little cry, and then I’m ready to go again, seeking after the things of God which is the best thing possible for me.

Any burdens in your life that are weighing you down this week? I pray for His peace to wash over you, and for joy in your heart as you accept His light burden!!

One thought on “Giving Him My Heavy Load

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