Today is a Gift

Today I forgot that someday very soon, she won’t want to wear a homemade princess crown every single time we leave the house.


I forgot that being on time for my appointment means nothing to her, in comparison to finding the perfect outfit.
I forgot that trying to decide whether to be a queen or Bat Woman is a Major Decision, and these things cannot be rushed.
I forgot that this season of pink, fuzzy evening gloves has a time limit.
I also forgot that someday, there won’t be pencils and school books and poster board to be remembered on the way out the door, and I’ll be all by myself when I jump in the car, and that will be easy and…lonely?
So right now, an ordinary day includes a lot of chaos, and quite a bit of negotiation, with necessary amounts of patience and understanding.
And this is right and good!
For today, I will remember that all of this is a gift to be enjoyed. I will remember to go slowly, and soak it all in!


One thought on “Today is a Gift

  1. Thank you for this….. i am facing colton leaving for college in september and a week of painful happenings and tears… we llost our beloved cat, a good friend and i broke my hand remembering the little things and how quickly the seasons of life change is important.

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