February Photo Challenge, Part Two!

Here’s the second half of my February Photo Challenge! Searching for any bit of beauty that isn’t white and frosty…;)

16) Create


17) Vegetable


18) Magic

I love it that she’s still little enough to believe that I took a loonie out of her ear!


19) Feet


20) Peace

Early morning, doing stretches on my living room floor, listening to my favorite worship music. Quiet and peaceful, possibly one of my favorite times of each day!


21) Funny


22) An Act of Kindness

Anika gave Kaylia her extra piggy bank after Kaylia’s was broken! One of the moments when you feel like bursting with parental pride.;)

act of kindness

23) This is Where I Relax

Always the same spot on the couch!

Where I Relax

24) Half


25) Cut

Unfortunately, this looks very much like “half”…


26) Light


27) My View Today

my view

28) Reflection

reflectionAnd that, my friends, is February! I’m pretty excited – a March photo challenge is basically a “On the Verge of Spring” photo challenge!;)


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