February Photos

Time to share some photos! I’m doing another photo challenge – it feels like a scavenger hunt. I’m hunting for something beautiful, as we sit here in the snowdrifts. Spring is coming, you guys.

Seriously. Worst case scenario, two months until the snow is gone, right?! Hang in there.

Until that lovely day, here are some photos for February…

Day 1: Me

Day 1

Day 2: Favorite

All I want to eat these days is toasted pecans. Oh, yum. They are 10 times more delicious when they’re toasted…

Day 2

Day 3: Something Orange

Orange is scarce at our house. Thank goodness for India.

Day 3

Day 4: Childhood

Oh, those happy days when a couple of stuffed animals can bring endless joy and entertainment.:)

Day 4

Day 5: Square

Day 5

Day 6: C is for…


Day 6

Day 7: Utensil

Day 7

Day 8: Water

Day 8

Day 9: Details

The details I need to remember! I’m a list girl…

Day 9

Day 10: I am…


Day 10

Day 11: Mistake

I have homework! Beth Moore is working me hard.;)

Day 11

Day 12: Out + About

Out and About

Day 13: Perfect

Day 13

Day 14: Heart

Day 14

Day 15: My Drink

My veggie smoothie! My body craves these so much, I’m drinking two a day now! Love them.

Day 15

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