January Photo Challenge Completed

So, I lied. I said there wouldn’t be any more vacation photos, but as I finished up my January photo challenge, I realized there are a large number of photos from Palm Springs. Oh, well! We can feel warm for a little bit longer.

Also, Anika fell a bit behind with taking photos, and is trying to catch up now that we’re home. In the meantime, here are the photos I took:

Day 12: Something I’m thankful for

Day 12

Day 13: Happy Picture


Day 14: An Accomplishment

All packed up and ready to go!

Day 14

Day 15: Someone you admire

Day 15

Day 16: Using selective color

Day 16

Day 17: A Friend

Day 17

Day 18: In Black and White

Day 18

Day 19: Strength

Day 19

Day 20: Me

Day 20

Day 21: Accessories

Okay, only one accessory, but I’m not huge on accessories anyway! Next to my wedding and engagement rings, this is the most meaningful accessory I own.:)

Day 21

Day 22: Showing Warmth

Day 22

Day 23: Inspired by Media

A bit different than my usual subject matter, but she captured my attention, with her face turned up to the sun, towering above us, but still small in comparison to the mountains surrounding us.

I never knew that Marilyn Monroe lived in Palm Springs, and that she died when she was 36 years old. I’m turning 36 this summer. She got a lot done in her 36 years of living. For some reason, that thought has stayed with me. We get to choose what we do with the time we have, and how we will be remembered.

Day 23

Day 24: Picture With a Caption

Or a quote.:)

Day 24

Day 25: People

Day 25

Day 26: A Picture Showing Love

My friend Sarah inspires me to love my girls more gently. To me, this photo sums up so much of who she is.

Day 26Day 27: A List

I emailed Ben a shopping list this week – it’s evidence of his birthday, because I asked him to buy everything I’d need to make his favorites


Day 28: Picture of Celebration

We celebrated yesterday. This was Kaylia’s work of art:


Day 29: A Picture That Represents Life

Whenever I stumble across these little signs of a little person having fun and leaving behind some evidence, I always stop to smile and enjoy it, because someday, there will be no little dolls or toys in odd and funny places. I love the life that a scene like this represents!:)


Day 30: Numbers


Day 31: A Goal I Have

To play piano again someday! Eight years since tendonitis stopped me. But I’m lifting weights again! Maybe this year will be the year it happens …


2 thoughts on “January Photo Challenge Completed

  1. I love your photos. So sorry that I petered out on the challenge. I hope I can finish at some point. Little girl has been channeling her inner newborn so there has been no “hobby time” for me. Sleep learning this weekend! I am dreading it and looking forward to it all at the same time!

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