Last Day of Vacation

Well, this is it. After this post, my blog will return to its normal state. No more sunny, vacation pictures – it’s time to get back to normal life!

But I’ll take one more day to share some lovely memories with you…

359On that last beautiful day, Kaylia spent a large part of her morning washing the car with Uncle Joel, while the other girls played, and the rest of the adults cleaned the condo and packed up.

361We hit the pool one more time after lunch, and the girls showed off their improved swimming skills.



374 392 393After swimming, we went back to Anika’s favorite park of all the parks we visited on our trip.396407 468

414 410


It was such a beautiful evening! We ate outside at our favorite restaurant, and walked around downtown for a little bit.

Then we went back to the condo, and set our alarm nice and early for the next morning.

But…when we woke up the next morning, all ready to pack up and get to the airport, we got an email saying our flight had been changed. So we went out for breakfast instead! We walked to the restaurant on this beautiful morning…523

…and Kaylia decided she would rather hold hands with Uncle Joel than with me. That car wash must have been really bonding.524Then it was finally time to pack up and say goodbye.525And that is the end of that. So many wonderful memories!:)

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