A Day at Christy Miller’s Beach

My relationship with Ben is a product of my parents’ prayers, God’s grace, and Christy Miller books. I’m not sure which played the biggest role, but I do know that Christy Miller had a lot of influence in my life, even though she was a fictional character. I think my parents were fairly concerned about how I would weather the dating/choosing a spouse chapter of my life, but they needn’t have worried – Christy Miller taught me what I needed to know!!

I read those Christy Miller books over and over and over again, until every character seemed real, and Newport Beach seemed like home. I had never been, but it was all clearly pictured in my mind.

So you can imagine the pure delight I experienced when Ben suggested that we take a drive out to Newport beach on Wednesday. Ben did not realize the significance of that beach – he just read good reviews online. Turns out, Christy Miller had good reason to thrive on the beach of Newport….

IMG_8364 IMG_8407 IMG_8400 IMG_8365 IMG_8352 IMG_8350

We explored, chased waves, walked to the end of the pier, went for a ferris wheel ride, and ate some fantastic food. Such a fun day!





Anika is not quite old enough for Christy Miller books yet, but I spent the day priming the pump. We picked out which house along the beach “belonged” to Christy’s fictional aunt and uncle. We imagined her walking around Newport. Anika’s pretty sure Christy Miller ate at the restaurant where we had lunch…

Beautiful day, beautiful view. It was a bit cold, but I’m so glad we went!

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