January Photo Challenge, Done Two Ways!

I had so much fun doing the December photo challenge, I decided to do another one in January. To add to the fun, two friends decided to join me, and then, to make things EVEN more fun, Anika also chose to do the challenge with me!:)

She’s been showing an interest in photography for awhile, but this challenge gives me the chance to see her creative ideas through the pictures she takes.

This is the photo challenge….

January Photography Challenge

…and here’s our first batch of photos:

Day 1: Time


Day 1


A Day1

Day 2: Texture

Kendra:Day 2

Anika:A Day 2

Day 3: Hobby


Day 3

Anika:A Day 4

Day 4: Family

Kendra:K & K

Anika:A Day 3

Day 5: Hands



A Day 5

Day 6: Laughter

Kendra:Day 6

Anika:A Day 6

Day 7: Inspiration


Day 7


A Day 7I love to see things through her eyes!

5 thoughts on “January Photo Challenge, Done Two Ways!

  1. So fun! Brynn would love this. And I would say Anika’s giving you some stiff competition:) I like her take on family. And her texture and laughter photos are very well done. Is she using your camera?

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