End of the Photo Challenge

Well, that was fun. I’m not sure which I enjoyed more – taking the photos, or playing around with the editing. For some reason, I felt more freedom than normal to alter these photos. Some people think that’s cheating, but I think it’s art, and there are no rules when it comes to art!

Here are the last four days of photos:

Day 28: Words

This was my favorite quote of the month! My friend shared it on her blog, and it fits so well with the prayer adventures I’ve been having recently.:)

Day 28


Day 29: Beautiful Sight

Day 29Anika saw this photo, and said, “That’s not beautiful.”

But this winter has been amazing, because I’m seeing beauty in new things – even the bare branches of a tree on a cold, crisp day. Oddly enough, my new appreciation for winter came from reading Naked Spirituality. Brian McLaren writes:

So now, the winter season…begins with a kind of nakedness. Naked trees. Frozen ponds. Hibernation. Starkness. Long, dark, silent nights, and cold days blanketed in snow. Autumn exhaustion leads now to winter’s rest.

He talks about how we can see everything about ourselves with increased clarity in the winter season of our spiritual growth, because all is stripped bare. There is nothing to hide behind. The bare branches against the sky are finally visible in their most basic form, and there are no leaves to hide behind.

This season has been a continual reminder to me that the cold invites us to wrap up in a blanket and slow down to rest. The silhouette of bare trees against the winter sky make me think of the beauty of truth and simplicity.

Day 30: Reflection

Day 30

Day 31: Goal

Day 31Yes, those are very sporty-sounding goals… We’ll see how that works out. I’m always leery about making New Year’s resolutions, because it’s hard to stick to stuff like that. But at the same time, it’s good to be intentional about what you’re working towards. So I’m making some goals very tentatively, and trying to be realistic about the whole thing….

How about you – are you making any goals for 2014?

3 thoughts on “End of the Photo Challenge

  1. Have enjoyed your photo challenge ,it helps us see so many little beautiful things right around us ,redirecting our focus from the ugly things, to gods blessings always right there in sight! I believe it often changes a negative outlook on life, to a positive one — thx love Dad

    Sent from my iPad – Arthur Dueck


    • Thanks, Daddy-Dear! I also felt like it challenged me to look for beauty in places I wouldn’t normally have done so. It was so much fun, I think I’ll try another challenge in January!:)

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