Weekend Favorites

The holiday festivities continued for us this weekend! We spent a night at a hotel with Ben’s mom and dad, much to the delight of our girls.

In the pool this morning, Anika told Ben, “This is the BEST vacation ever!!” In Winnipeg, for one night….Doesn’t take much to make her happy!

AnikapoolSo they swam, and we ate, and played games, and colored. It was such a nice little break.

KayliaKayliaAnd our girlie swam on her own! For real. But she didn’t like it. She got mad at Ben for letting go. All day, she kept talking about how he should never let go. Whether she needs help or not, it’s just nice to know he’s there!

And now we charge on towards the New Year! I hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow with family and friends!

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