Sing a Little Song, Dance a Little Crazy

Hello, All!

Since sharing about the little “December Adventure” I’m embarking on, I’ve had many wonderful, caring people ask me, “Sooo…how are you feeling?”

No miraculous healing yet. But let me tell  you, the moments of freedom, joy and surrender that I’ve experienced have been SO awesome. (I’ve also had a few moments of weeping in my bed, but who wants to hear about those?!)

The best thing keeping me going: worship music.

When I woke up early last Monday morning, my first day of trying to surrender this whole thing to Jesus, it was abundantly clear to me that I needed backup. So I turned on the music to help me start the day.

But before I could start my usual stretching and exercise routine, I felt the urge to….dance. This was very weird for me, because I NEVER dance. I move slightly to music, as much as is appropriate in a conservative Mennonite church, but never dance. And when I hang out with my awesome, free-spirited friends at the charismatic church in town, I still don’t dance, because my body hurts too much. I only move when absolutely necessary.

But that morning, I felt the urge to dance. So I let loose in my kitchen, and danced as though all pain was gone from my body. And the thought came to me, “I’m going to dance myself healthy!” If not physically, then spiritually!:) Who can have a bad day when it starts off with praising Jesus and twirling around the kitchen?

The next morning, I did it again.

The third morning, Anika caught me. She got up much earlier than normal, and quietly came into the kitchen. I was lost in my own little world, and didn’t hear her, so she freaked me out by suddenly standing there. She had just woken up, and the poor girl looked completely confused. She asked, “What are you doing, Mommy??!”

So I sat her down on the couch, and explained the whole thing, but she still didn’t look as though she really got it…

When I met with my free-spirited friends on Thursday, they got it! And they promised to send me all their favorite songs so I could keep twirling.

I have a whole bunch of favorites by now, but the best one for getting us jumping would have to be this one:

Ben loves the stomping guy on the left. And someday, I’m totally going to play piano in the forest, with somebody throwing fire around in the background…

Much joy to you this Wednesday! And if the joy is slow in coming, maybe you need some good music, and a little dance party in the kitchen.;)

9 thoughts on “Sing a Little Song, Dance a Little Crazy

  1. I support you entirely on your mission. I have some idea of what you are going through with the body pain. I have chronic neck pain from a loss of curvature in the neck and it can be exhausting and debilitating. Now it is starting in my low back. I take an anti-inflammatory which helps immensely, but there are times that it just doesn’t help so much, especially at work with stress. So I can sympathize somewhat, but I am hopeful and will be praying for your healing. You inspire me with your words and thoughts.

  2. This is by far one of our favourite dancing songs! There’s something awesome about declaring “Build your kingdom here, let the darkness fear!”: ESPECIALLY on hard days!

  3. This is Shaya’s favourite song from this past summer. We frequently have dance parties to this as well as Like a Lion and I am a seed.

  4. These guys were at Catalyst this year and it was just really so much fun. This song is a wonderful declaration…so much good stuff in there, and so perfect for your situation! The stomping guy is very fun to watch in person, too. They all look like they’re having the time of their lives and their LOVE for Jesus is obvious and makes it all feel like a big holy party! Keep dancing, Kendra…I hope it keeps making you feel better and better. Maybe your girls will start joining you and they’ll grow up with a “skill” we sadly lacked from our growing up. 🙂

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