Weekend Favorites

Oh, my word, I think winter is coming.

The geese have stopped flying back and forth above our house, and are now heading south. And yesterday was COLD!

geeseI hadn’t been outside to take pictures in such a long time, I persuaded my family to go on a photo adventure. We thought we dressed warmly, but when we got to the park, the wind almost blew us away. We were able to have a bit of fun before we ran for the car…

KayliaAnikaI wish this one wasn’t blurry! I wasn’t ready for her when she zoomed by, but her smile made me happy…


sunsetI’m officially ready for snow! There was great excitement at our house with each snowflake spotting over the weekend, but it never amounted to anything. We will keep eagerly anticipating it…

What did you do this weekend?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites

  1. What did I do this weekend? Well, Saturday I took the boys to a birthday party and worked on making our new headboard. Though there are a few details that still need finishing, I hung it anyway. I also planted the last few plants that needed to get in the ground before it froze hard. We played some silly games together with the kids. Sunday was church in the morning followed by lunch and a nap after which Jay and I went out for supper with my family (a yearly tradition) for our birthdays. It was a fun and somewhat relaxing weekend, which was needed after an insanely busy week where I was out every.single.day. This week is only slightly less crazy.

  2. We built a huge snowman…he’s a very LEAFY snowman because we’re not so good with raking leaves in the fall. 🙂 But, he’s still standing strong in the front yard, staring into our livingroom window and cheering us up. It was quite a project, though. The snow was SO HEAVY and wet. Rick and I actually had to move our kids’ slide over to the front of the yard and slowly manouver the last snowball up to the top. It was a fun adventure and I’m sure the neighbours thought we were CRAZY. We didn’t take any pictures, though, so the experience will have to be a lovely memory.

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