Weekend Favorites

Another beautiful fall weekend!

A friend asked me if it felt as though fall has sped by incredibly quickly, and I have to say, it’s been the perfect length. It feels to me as though we’ve had many wonderful chances to soak in the beauty of September and October. I have loved the colours, and the cooler temperature makes the outdoors exhilarating, and the indoors cozy.

The geese are loving the lakes in our development, and the sky is often full of them flying and honking, getting ready for the big trip south.

Everything is feeling a bit wild and cool and crisp outside right now, and I’m loving it.


We ran around in the backyard for a bit this weekend, playing with the leaves, and getting things ready for winter. Ben packed away our patio furniture, and the girls collected all the sand toys to bring inside. It was a nice feeling, somehow. We had a beautiful summer, and now I feel ready to move on to the next season.





branchesWhat are you loving about fall right now?

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