Some of the Best Words Ever: “See You Tomorrow”

Since moving away from camp, one of my favorite expressions has become: “See you tomorrow!”

It hit me on Wednesday, as we were all getting off the shuttle at the University of Manitoba. We’d just spent another awesome afternoon with a bunch of friends from our homeschool group, having swimming lessons and gym class together, and it was time to part ways.

swimming lessons

As everyone was calling out, “See you tomorrow!”, I felt this happy, warm feeling shoot through me, because those words are community words, and I’m a big fan of community.

To me, community means we’re sharing life. We’re connected, and we’re seeing each other on such a regular basis that we move beyond constantly needing to catch up on life, and get to talk about some of those deeper things that don’t come up as easily. We enter into deeper levels of relationship.

“See you tomorrow” means these wonderful friends I’ve just spent the day with, will spend tomorrow with me, as well! Sweet goodness. It’s almost like life back at camp.

Sometimes this amazes me a little. Like when I see my favorite neighbor every single day for a week, and she still calls me up to invite herself over.

Or the excitement I feel when I realize that next week, we’ll see our friends on Wednesday at the pool, Thursday at the church, and go on a field trip together on Friday.

Yes, it’s completely possible to get sick of the people you live in community with. I remember a conversation with Ben, shortly after we moved to camp. Some of the staff wanted to get together AGAIN for another games night, and I was still adjusting to the idea of doing everything together. I told Ben about it, and declared the solution – I needed more space from people, before they drove me crazy. I needed to take a break from being around them all the time.

But Ben said, “No, you need to spend MORE time with them. You need to spend SO MUCH time with them, that you get past the annoyance, and learn how to truly love them.”

It’s true. If you push past some of those rough friendship edges, you break into the good stuff. You reach a new level. You can start to feel like…family.

You don’t always like family, but you know they’ll always be there. Community life is the same way. Sometimes conflict or annoyances comes up, and you deal with it, and you grow closer as a result. And then you get together again tomorrow, and do it all over again.

I’m so happy and thankful to have this lovely group of people to share life with, and share the words, “See you tomorrow!”

How’s your community living going? Have you found a spot to connect with people on a regular basis?

6 thoughts on “Some of the Best Words Ever: “See You Tomorrow”

  1. So totally agree! There was this really great sense of joy that sprung up in me when I said those words, too! It is rather exciting to be in community, even in spite of the rough edges. As I get to know people more, I learn to appreciate who God has made them be and I am even more thankful for them. As I am for you.

  2. My struggle seems to lie in the reality that I spend the majority of my time with the same people. I feel like I need to expand my community, even though truly loving those in my current community is still a challenge. I also feel afraid of overwhelming people because I don’t want to scare people off.

    • What you say is so true, Melissa. If we’re not careful, community can become too comfortable, and make us too complacent. A few weeks ago at church, the leader of our Sunday School class gave us a “Circle of Influence” exercise, in which we needed to list non-Christians we knew in all the different social circles we are a part of – work, recreation, neighbourhood, etc. It got me thinking about how to be intentional about reaching out beyond the comfort and safety of community. I’m praying that God would open my eyes to the opportunities He brings my way, and for the courage to take the plunge, and “push” some of those very casual, surface relationships to a deeper level. We invited strangers over for supper, just because they live on the same street as us, and it turned out to be amazing! They are needing friends, and we are enjoying the process of getting to know new people.

      And I totally get the concern of not wanting to overwhelm people!! But Ben always tells me that it’s pretty rare for people to be offended by too much kindness, and so far, it would appear that he’s right!;)

  3. Oh, Kendra, I am a total failure in this category. I have often wondered why and it is always the same thing like no time, nothing in common with anybody (a big one), work hours, so on and so on. Maybe it is something I should consider working on. Thanks for the thoughts you have spurred in my head. Now where to start?

    • Well, “total failure” sounds very discouraging – how about “in desperate need of community”??! I think there are many, many people who are in the same position. We don’t live in a culture that easily lends itself to naturally forming strong community. Many Christians think that’s what church is for, but seeing people once a week will make true community take a long time to form. The more often you are with people, the faster you will get to know them, and feel comfortable.

      And it is hard to find people to be in community with. The care group we attend at our church was formed because a bunch of us said, “Hey, we all have kids around the same age. Let’s get together for a wiener roast!” I think if this is something you truly want, asking God to miraculously provide the right people is an awesome place to start! I think He wants us to share life deeply with the people around us, so I think it’s a request He would honour.

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