Weekend Favorites

I’m sitting down to write this post on a quiet Sunday evening. Kaylia has finally stopped having a tantrum about her nightlight being plugged into the wrong outlet, and our house is peaceful and still.

We had a beautiful weekend – weather-wise, and people-wise, too!

HeartlandOn Saturday, a fellow homeschooling family invited a large group of us to their cabin in St. Malo, and it was a great evening of sitting by the fire, playing games, and crunching through the leaves.


My other favorite weekend adventure was going for a sunset walk/scoot/trike as a family.

family walk

I can always count on Kaylia to give me the most forced, awkward expressions possible.


Anika, on the other hand, is forever ready with her reliable smile.


Kaylia got tired and ditched the trike, so we headed for home…

going homegoing homeBasically, I’ve learned many times over that if we mix up a little bit of socializing with some awesome people, and some fun adventures outside, together with lots of relaxing and family time, I feel refreshed and ready to face Monday morning. My favorite kind of weekend…

What did you do this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites

  1. That does sound like a fabulous weekend! On Saturday, we got a taste of “empty nest” as Katie was selling her hair ties at a shopping expo most of the day. We took it pretty easy with just a few projects and watched college football.

    On Sunday, we brought David home. Usually, we drop him off at his dorm after church/lunch/grocery shopping. I absolutely loved having all four of sit around the dinner table last night – such a rare treat!

    • Nothing beats having the family all together, hey? “Empty nest” is so far off for us, it’s hard to imagine, but I’m glad you were able to relax and enjoy family!

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