I Know Everybody’s Kids Are Funny, But…

I once read that a blog post about how funny your kids are is a total waste of time, and the only people who will read it are the grandparents, because everybody thinks their own kids are the funniest.

I totally get that. I think my kids are hilarious.


But the other day, Kaylia was doing something super funny, and while I was laughing at her, I confess…I did sneak a peak to see if anybody else was enjoying the hilarious moment with me…and nobody was. An excellent reminder that the world doesn’t revolve around my adorable, hilarious children.

So go laugh at your own kids, if you have some, but if you don’t, and you’d like to read my collection of quotes, that’s what we’re doing around here today:

Kendra: “Let’s pray and ask God to show us what to do.  Kaylia: “I already know what to do.”

Kaylia was watching a killdear outside the window, and anxiously asked, “Mommy, is the killer going to do something to our house?”

Kaylia’s inspirational song of the evening: “I’m so happy, I’m so pretty! I’m so lucky, I’m so smart! I’m so beautiful, I’m so creepy!”

I was having a little talk with Anika about trying to be kind to Kaylia, and she said, “Mommy, being kind to Kaylia is a LIFE LONG CHALLENGE! Ask me to do it when I’m twenty. THEN I might be old enough to be up for it.”

Kaylia couldn’t find her little pink purse, and was wandering around the house saying, “I lost my purpose!”

There was some serious coloring going on at our house, and Anika announced, “I have the power of a faithful artist in my hand – my RIGHT hand!!”

Anika was telling a story with her dolls about a girl who was “faintly plump”… What a delicate description.

Kaylia came up to me, stroked my arm very gently, and said, “You’re a nice young lady.”


Have a happy Friday!


5 thoughts on “I Know Everybody’s Kids Are Funny, But…

  1. I always love your blog posts about funny things your kids say and do. I don’t think your children are really average, though, which is why it’s as interesting as it is. I think it’s all the books Anika reads that give her such a vast vocabulary. Kids are pretty funny.

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