A Week in the Life – Saturday’s Photos

Hello, Friends!

I have one last day of “A Week in the Life” to share with you all:

playRemember the epic production of The Last Battle? That took place first thing Saturday morning.

I loved everything about this little project. I’m always a big fan of anything that will use all of Anika’s imagination and creativity, and will entertain both girls for hours and hours!

Things did get a little frustrating, though, because the audience kept falling over…


Soon it was time for Ben to leave for work. He never works on Saturdays, but this has been an unusually crazy week for him, so he had to get some work done on this Saturday.

Since I had hardly any pictures of him all week, I took some while he was saying goodbye to the girls, which he thought was kind of ridiculous!

Ben and AnikaAnika returned the favor, and of course Ben had many hilarious comments to make about this whole process:

Ben and meAfter all the goodbyes, it was time to make waffles.

wafflesAnd then it was time for our new ministry to move in. The Baby Blessings team arrived with all of the donations that will be stored in our basement until they can be delivered to women who need them.

Baby BlessingsSince I couldn’t be of much help to them, I cleaned bathrooms instead…

bathrooms…and kept an eye on my friend’s girls while she was busy moving stuff into the basement.

friendsEverything got moved in fairly quickly. Everyone left, we ate lunch, and then I started working on my photo book design for this last week’s worth of pictures.

photo bookAnika and Kaylia played together really well, which was awesome, because I wasn’t feeling very well, and needed to just sit.

Anika and Kaylia playingBen came home from work, and we were all very happy to see him.

Ben and the girlsWe had a rehearsal dinner to go to that evening, so the girls watched a little video while we were getting ready to go.

girlsWe fed them a quick supper, took them to our friends’ house, and then drove to Ben’s parents’ house for the rehearsal dinner.

rehearsal dinnerAfter the dinner, we went back to Joel and Sarah’s house for some Once Upon a Time. We stayed far too late, ate far too much junk food, and enjoyed ourselves very much.

When it was time to head home, we scooped up our girls in their sleeping bags, and brought them home to their own beds.

And that is the end of A Week in the Life 2013.

Thanks so much for joining me, and for all of the sweet, encouraging comments about this project! It’s been fun, but I’m looking forward to getting back to regular blogging now!:)

Have a happy week!

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